Update On My Unmistakably Determined Journey

I just realized how quickly I became preoccupied with many things once the year 2017 began. It is now the month of May and I have not written a post since the last day of 2016! I came to the realization that I may have neglected to write on my blog because I started a YouTube channel titled: “SheldaRay”. My channel is a reflection of my blog so feel free to check it out!


This chapter of my life began with the expectancy of greater. Greater faith, greater works….greater everything! Thus, I decided to take an unplanned yet exciting solo trip to New York City for spring break! 

During this time I traveled the city, day and night, on my own. It felt great to wake up, spend time with my Father, and go to a place I’ve never seen or been before. I knew that my time away from my responsibilities of life would be spent enjoying myself, relaxing, and truly taking the opportunity to get closer to Christ. I left New York City with a renewed heart, mind, and spirit and I thank God for that renewal! It was truly a week in paradise…

…which so happened to be the theme of this year’s teacher appreciation week.

 I also enjoyed spending time with my students outside of the school environment…

….and I enjoyed watching them play their favorite sports (the video above was taken at one of my students’ soccer games).

The school year is nearing an end and I have no other person to thank but God for walking with me through this journey and for molding me into a better person, educator, and leader. Other people have helped me throughout this journey but I heavily rely on my Father to support me through various aspects of my life. 

As I’ve learned to trust and depend on the Lord with every test, trial, challenge, and blessing, I pray that you will continue to grow closer to Him as well.

Many blessings,


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