Jesus: The Greatest Gift of All

It’s Christmas Eve, which tells us that Christmas is tomorrow. As people rush to the stores to purchase last minute gifts and others prepare to spend the evening attending social gatherings and maybe a Christmas show at a local church, I can’t help but remember what this season means to me. Although Christmas is not really Jesus’ birthday, some of us choose to remember the birth of Jesus during this season. This does not mean that we should read about or celebrate Jesus solely on Christmas…we should and have the entire year and our entire lives to do so and magnify His name!

So as we near the end of the season of advent, I was led to read Matthew 16. Every time I read or recall the verse that says For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it (v. 25, NIV), the song by Toby Mac “Lose My Soul” pops into my head:

Jesus knew that his birth and existence was to  come to earth, teach the people, and die only to be resurrected on the third day. He knew that his death meant that he was saving us from our sins but only if we would confess that He is our Lord and Savior then deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow after Him. Giving up the things of the world to gain security in Christ is the best way to live our lives. You see, He knows all things and our minds are so small compared to our Almighty Father. So what better way to live than to live for Christ? He is the greatest gift of all!

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